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 Having said that...

This is your page to vent, express opinions, discus, and inquire about about living life with a disability.


pbrailer said...

I am an Inspirational speaker and founder of Criptaedo in Barberton Ohio. I have been studying Karate for over four years and became the first person born with a disability to earn a “Black Belt” from” The Art of Karate” On February 16, 2013. I focus on health and fitness for adults & children who are living with physical disabilities. Criptaedo is a 501c3 non-profit organization who's mission is to help educate the disabled community on fitness and self-defense. available for speaking engagements. (330) 6123215

K. Bish said...

Thank you for your post. This is good information, Thank you for sharing.
K. BISH Webmaster

pbrailer said...

just a non profit not a 501c3