Organize a Chapter?...ok Why?

First, all of us know many physically challenged persons who, through no fault of their own, are not living very full or productive lives. Many of those people lack the physical stamina and know-how to seek and hold a job in the competitive labor market.  They need the knowledge that they are entitled to education, rehabilitation and encouragement. Sometimes they only need a little knowledge to obtain the things that will help them with that productivity.

There is much that needs to be done for and by the physically challenged. We feel that group action in the name of a national organization has an important place in every community. We believe that, the adult physically challenged person who is seeking an outlet for his/her desire to be of service to his/her fellow physically challenged and to his/her community, will find his/her opportunity, within the broad organizational structure of NAPH.

Much of NAPH’s program is carried on at the local chapter level. To this end we are seeking to expand our membership and chapters by encouraging the formation of local groups (chapters) in communities where we are not now represented.

We are well aware of all the good programs now in effect in the interest of the physically challenged. We are aware that many physically challenged persons have made outstanding contributions to their families, their communities and to the economic and social welfare of the nation.

We want the good things in life for more of our physically challenged citizens. There is a great potential for progress among our millions of unorganized physically challenged. Not nearly all of our severely physically challenged are being served by existing agencies as the language of our laws would indicate that they have a right to expect. We do not claim to have the funds to assist, but through organizing can cause recognition to the needs to happen more readily.

NAPH does not imply that our organization will fill the gaps at this time. We offer an opportunity for the physically challenged people to organize and promote needed reforms. Each community has a variety of needs for the physically challenged, and each of our chapters have it’s own agenda for local problems and work nationally for other problems and agendas.

Whether we like it or not, we should accept the reality of the fact that the hardcore of the unrehabilitated and the unemployed are to be moved onto the production line, action must come largely through government at all levels. Reforms which will change conditions will come through legislative action such as the A.D.A. To influence  legislative bodies, you must create public opinion which is the basis of political pressure, and that is about the only pressure that is recognized by government bodies, local, state or national. 

NAPH is ready to lease, under certain conditions, our name, our broad program, any prestige we may have developed, a place in our growing family of chapters. To lease to groups who indicate a serious desire to become a part of a national movement to convince physically challenged persons that they must provide the leadership to seek equitable opportunities for the physically challenged. To create a more favorable public and employer attitude towards hiring of qualified physically challenged workers. There has to be a local agency to police those that ignore the A.D.A.  

Membership in NAPH offers a challenging opportunity for the aggressive self-starter to join a growing organization of and for the physically challenged. It offers encouragement to those of the challenged community who need our help and counsel. It offers full membership to our non-challenged relatives, friends and co-workers.

We hope you will join the people who have found membership in NAPH to be stimulating and helpful.