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 This is a place for The Good News
Births: Children,Grandchildren,(No pets please)
Landmark Birthdays
Good Health News: Cancer Free, I'm home After Surgery, etc,.
Big Purchases:New House, New Automatic Chair, Car, etc,.
New Therapy Animal
You Won the Lottery
Only the good stuff. 
And Please No "this great thing happened...but..."
I want this to be a totally positive space
We deal with a lot of negative in our lives, let's share the positive as well.

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Hi all I know a lot of you wanted to see Nancy's wedding pictures here are some.  For those of you getting this wondering Who Nancy is she was the Wife to Albert one of our Past Presidents.  She is the one the makes the Quilts every year for convention.  She look very pretty and very happy.  Happier than I have seen her since Albert passed away.  They are going on a 2 week honeymoon.  So you won't see her on facebook for a while.  But you can see a few other pictures on facebook.  Take care thank you Andie

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K. Bish said...

Congratulations Nancy-
You look incredibly happy! May your marriage be long and joyous.